The Core Web Vitals algorithm update will focus on your visitors' user experience

This update will assess your web pages in 3 key areas:


  1. The time it takes for your page main content to load (Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  2. The time it takes for your page to become interactive (Time To Interaction)
  3. The amount of unexpected movement of the page or content shift (Cumulative Layout Shift)


Google has guidelines for these Core Web Vitals values:

core web vitals guidelines

Image source: SEJ


If you DO meet the Core Web Vitals guidelines what happens?


  • Your web page(s) will receive a special graphic in the Google Search Results (SERPs), indicating your page provides a good experience which can help with trust and conversions.
  • You may receive a rankings boost


If you DON'T meet the Core Web Vitals guidelines what happens?


  • You won't get the special graphic
  • Your rankings may drop


Most importantly, your web vitals need to be competitive ie, the value must match or be better than your competitors in the SERPs


What else is important for this update?

You also need to make sure your website:

Is Mobile Friendly
Provides Safe-Browsing (incl. https)
Has No Intrusive Popups

Get A Google Core Web Vitals Audit Before

The Algorithm Update Rolls Out In May

We will do a comprehensive audit of your website which:

  1. covers all of the web vitals metrics to see if you pass the guidelines
  2. compares your metrics with your competitors

FULL  recommendation report provided which you can give to your web developers to implement.


Cost $699 plus GST.


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