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How to get a search box in the search results?

You may have seen some results in the Google SERPs where there is a search box directly in the results like this:

This is called the “sitelinks search box” and can be a great way of getting visitors straight to your internal pages from the Google search results and uses Structured data (schema), which is a positive SEO factor. The search box only appears for websites of sufficiently high authority (as deemed by Google) so is hard to get, and only appears for brand searches. In other words, the actual business name must be searched on Google in order for this to box to appear.

To be eligible for the sitelinks search box, you need:

1. To have a search facility in your website

2. The correct schema code installed on your website. The code is of this format:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <meta itemprop="url" content=""/>
  <form itemprop="potentialAction" itemscope itemtype="">
    <meta itemprop="target" content="{search_term_string}"/>
    <input itemprop="query-input" type="text" name="search_term_string" required/>
    <input type="submit"/>

Replace with your own web address and replace with your own search string. To find this do a search using your website search facility and copy everything from the URL up to the = sign.

As I say, you need a very high Website Authority to qualify for this feature - no one knows how high.

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