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What are the top SEO Tools?

It is no easy task to master SEO optimisation, and that is especially true if you are a newbie. It is a good thing that it is easy to find the best SEO tools, some free, some paid, to help you to achieve your goals. You do not have to try every tool, just have a look at these and see which ones fit best with you and your needs. Why should you even use SEO tools? These are tools that will save you countless hours and research time. You can quickly see what works in your SEO strategy and what needs more tweaks.  If you have more than one website, these tools can help you to assess the performance of each site. Here are a few tools and what they can do for your site:

Google Search Console:

This is a tool that is free to anyone who has a website. This tool allows you to monitor your website and report it to Google SERP. To verify your website, you just add code into it or submit a sitemap to be indexed. This tool allows you to control what is indexed and how your site is represented. This is a very useful tool for new websites because site owners can submit web pages to be indexed in the search engines.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool

This is a tool that is constantly recommended and is second only to Google as a website crawler. The site audit feature is used by countless SEO experts and helps you to identify the parts of your site that need to be improved so that your site will rank better in the search engines. You can identify a competitor’s backlinks and find content that is most often linked to. You can also see which pages on your site are the best performing so that you can determine which information is attracting the most visitors to your site. You can try this tool for $7.00 and when your trial is over, there are various pricing options starting from $99.00 annually.


This tool is great for finding those long-tail keywords that have less competition and then running an analysis report on SERP and backlinks. The Rank Tracker can help you to determine your rank and track improvement based on one single metric. It also gives you a lot of keyword ideas. This tool has a base price of $29.00 per month and other options for bigger businesses. 

Answer the Public:

It can be difficult to constantly come up with new ideas to write about on your blog. This free tool helps you to pinpoint what people are searching and asking about in searches. This site offers one of the most efficient ways to create new SEO content for your sites.


This suite of SEO tools is one of the favorites within the SEO community. You can easily access your rankings and determine what changes have occurred.  If you are seeking an analytics report to assist you in better understanding the search data for your site, you can easily compare keywords and domains. The SEO checker tool helps you to monitor your rank and offers recommendations on how to better the performance of your website. There is a free trial and then a monthly payment plan, starting at $119.00 per month.

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