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What does SEO cost?

If you have a basic understanding of SEO and how it can affect your business, then you understand that it is often a good plan to let a professional take care of your SEO work rather than to try and do it yourself.  You only really have one chance to get SEO right and if you mess it up, your site might not be crawled by Google or, worse, it can be blacklisted.

What is the Cost of an SEO Professional?

It can be difficult to nail down cost for an SEO professional. The answer is not cut and dry but can vary depending upon the work that you decide you want done and which agency or freelancer you hire. Most agencies offer “packages” which is a collection of services that they perform for SEO. Some charge hourly and some based on performance.

Common fees structures include:

Local SEO per month: $500

National SEO, per month: $2000

SEO ad hoc per hour: $75 – $150

The main thing to keep in mind is that your site performance is important, and you want to have an experienced professional who can do the work correctly.  You should not think of SEO as an expense, it is an investment. If you want to have your site performing optimally, you should consider setting aside some of your business budget to accomplish this by hiring an experienced SEO professional.

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