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What Should I ask About SEO?

Are you planning to hire an SEO company? There are certain questions that you should ask, to find out how an SEO expert can assist you in search engine marketing your site and getting it ranked on Google. Here are five important questions to ask:

How long does it take before we see results?

This is a legitimate question; you want to know an estimated time frame on when you will see results in terms of rankings and a return on your investment. If the results will be quick, ask yourself if the methods they are using are above board or if there is risk your site might be penalised because those methods are questionable.

How will they apply their SEO strategy to your Brand/Niche?

SEO is not something that is identical for every business and shouldn’t be packaged. It should be customized to suit your business and the agency you hire should be able to let you know up front how they will adapt their methods to cater directly to your niche.

Which metrics will they focus on to ensure success?

Most SEO professionals will meet with you and have specific goals in mind for their work which should align with your business goals.  Experienced SEO pros base their (realistic) plans on your goals.

What is their approach to link-building and relationship marketing?

This is very important because if the SEO company promises you thousands of links in a short time, you can bet those links will be low quality.  You want high quality links over high quantity, and links acquired should be reported to you.

How do you carry out your keyword research? 

Past keyword research methods involved inputting a keyword term into a keyword research tool, obtaining a list of relevant keywords and then inserting them into content. Modern keyword research is based on understanding the intent of the user. It is more of a goal to try to understand the information that a user is seeking when they search a certain keyword phrase.

A solid SEO Company should have a good plan around their approach to SEO for your website. You only get one chance to make your website great, so choose a company that has a solid plan.

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