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Real Australian Testers

website user testing australia

Get a true insight into the customer experience on your website, receiving reliable data from REAL people in Australia. With comprehensive reporting, optional video recording of visitors and technical audits of your website.

Real Testers

Real Australian testers

Custom-made surveys

Surveys can be custom made to your exact requirements

Comprehensive Reports

PDF reports emailed and online access to reporting

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I have partnered with Customer Care to deliver Website User Testing Services. This enables you to truly get an insight into the customer experience on your site, receiving reliable data from real people in Australia.

Let’s evaluate the methodology involved and then define how the overall process works.

User Testing For Websites

An eCommerce website is essentially a store just like any other, except everything is conducted online. You need to understand from a customer perspective what shopping in your store is actually like.

Real world stores often hire the services of mystery shoppers to visit, make a purchase and evaluate various aspects of the experience. The same can be done for eCommerce stores, where a mystery shopper visits your online store and documents their experience so you have real world, valuable data to work with.

Full reports are provided so you can accurately gauge the true customer experience and their level of satisfaction overall. If any changes need to be made, these will be detailed in the mystery shopper report.

Some things evaluated in the report include:

  • How they found your website
  • Ease of site navigation
  • Making a purchase from your eCommerce store
  • How simple the checkout process was
  • Delivery times and customer service

Once you’ve received objective reporting on your eCommerce store that we provide, you’ll then be able to understand the level of customer satisfaction and any areas where improvements may be necessary.

View our sample client account and reporting:
Username: csample
Password: test123

View sample reports

Sample Survey Report [PDF]

Sample Final Report [PDF]

View a sample account:
Username: csample
Password: test123

Password: test123


Enquire about Website User Testing now:

Your Website User-Tested By Real People

For your website to be truly user-friendly and error-free, it really needs to be user-tested by REAL PEOPLE. We develop a customised program to comprehensively test your website. This process gathers the data necessary to make adjustments and improvements to your website, which in turn will result in higher conversions and more sales.

ecommerce mystery shoppers

Real Australian or New Zealand Testers

Some of the functionality that can be tested includes:

All websites:

  • Visual appeal of your website.
  • Functionality and ease of movement through the website
  • Ease of finding information and content
  • Ease of making an enquiry

eCommerce (shopping) websites:

  • Easy product location
  • Shopping Cart functions, including modifying and deleting items
  • Postage & shipping options
  • Costs and time frames for shipping
  • Contact options – live chat, responsiveness to emails
  • Total delivery times
  • Quality of packaging
  • Product returns and time taken to receive credit


How the Process Works


We’ll devise a questionnaire specific to your requirements in measuring key indicators for online performance – THIS PROCESS IS FREE OF CHARGE!

The questionnaire, complete with your branding and logos, is uploaded to our platform. A complete evaluation at NO CHARGE to you is then performed to ensure we are capturing the data you want captured.


At this point any necessary changes and adjustments can be made.


Testers will then be recruited from our database of over 2000 testers from Australia to evaluate your website and complete the process. The number of testers used depends on your specific requirements and budget.


The website testers will be fully briefed on the instructions, the process gets underway and the website tester returns a complete and detailed evaluation of your site.

All of your site can be tested, or you can specify certain aspects of the site to be tested.


After the process has been completed, the full report will be emailed to you in a PDF. Alternatively, you can access all this information via our platform by logging in with your Username and Password. This will give you instant access to all data, enabling you to determine what’s working and what needs to be improved.

Using an integrated customised dashboard, both you and your designated staff can access this data.
Username: csample
Password: test123

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