What To Look For In A Great Blog Writer

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It’s ironic that one of the biggest bottlenecks for blogging is the actual blogging.

Personally creating all the content that goes on your blog can be pretty time intensive. So, depending on your intentions and business model, you might need to hire a blog writer to help out with some of the work. The need to hire a writer increases with the number of blogs you run simultaneously.

But time (or the lack of) although a major factor, is not the only thing that could necessitate the hiring of a blog writer. Because I know that, for a blogger who loves writing, hiring a writer might seem like a crazy idea – something that people who don’t like writing or who lack the time would do.

But a blog writer will in fact help add value to your blog in addition to reducing the work for you. The writer will provide:

–    A fresh take on things. If you choose carefully, you’ll get a writer who knows his/her stuff, and how to express your ideas so that your readers can understand them. This cannot always be guaranteed with guest posts.

–    A constant flow of quality content. This is a big bonus for time-strapped bloggers who want to keep meaningful content that resonates with their readers flowing.

–    Continuity. A paid writer will create a strong core voice for your blog and with time develop a great understanding of it creating a relationship with your audience.

The downside of this is that not all blog writers can deliver on these. Blog writers are everywhere, but they are not equal.

So how do you find a great blog writer? Here are five things to look for:

  1. Technical Proficiency.The writer should be able to write – after all, that’s what you’re paying for. Check basic things such as spelling, the ability to put sentences together and more complex things like creativity. If these are present, it means that whatever he/she writes about, be it books or beverages, it will be worth reading.
  2. The easiest way to gauge the writers experience is to check out his/her portfolio. This might not be that straight forward for ghostwriters who can’t use their previous works for self-promotion. In this case, asking for a sample would help you determine the candidate’s experience.
  3. Qualifications that are important to you.Blogs are as different as the people who write them. So when looking for a writer for your blog, look for one that has the qualifications that you need. If SEO is what is important to you, then look for a writer who can do that. If you’re looking for someone who can analyse figures, look for a person with those qualifications.
  4. All blog owners have a writing style they would prefer. Great blog writers can vary their style and tone depending on the client they are writing for. Check if the blog writer in question mentions words that go with your preferred tone – humorous, balanced, objective, light-hearted etc. This means that the writer can tweak copy so that it sounds appropriate for your blog.
  5. Schedule compatibility.The blog writer might meet all the other requirements but their schedule might not be compatible with yours. Make sure that you check whether the writer will be able to create content when you need it.

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