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We offer a flexible approach to helping you with your SEO. Whether you are looking for someone to help and guide you to do the SEO yourself, are looking for a full service SEO provider, or something in between, then we can design an effective SEO solution that will work for you, and that will suit your budget.  The first step is for us to have a chat. Then we’ll gather some info, do an initial analysis (which you’ll find really useful) and will give you a custom SEO proposal with no obligation. The first step: contact us below.

Ashley Bryan SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast

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Website Strategist & Owner

Are you a Sunshine Coast-based business with these SEO-related questions?

  • "I need assistance with my SEO"
  • "I know I need to be doing it but don’t understand what’s involved"
  • "My competitors are beating me on Google, what do I do?"
  • "I don’t want to be stuck in monthly SEO contracts"
  • "If I could understand it more, I’d do it myself"
  • "My boss wants me to do SEO but I don’t know what to do"

If this sounds like you, then we’d be happy to help you. Let’s talk, and we’ll plan out a way that you can get the help you need with SEO that suits your resources (e.g. your time and budget).

We can tell you what to do (i.e. be your SEO advisor) or come to your business and provide SEO training for you or your staff. Or a combination. We can work out what you can do yourself and what you need help with.

We have 20 year’s experience and are happy to help you to be more successful on Google with my SEO Services for the Sunshine Coast.

Ashley Bryan SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast

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Website Strategist & Owner

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    Options For Our SEO Help For Sunshine Coast Businesses

    There are a number of options for how we can assist you with your SEO. They can be undertaken separately or we can combine them in a way that gives the best SEO for your business, resources and budget:

    SEO Training

    We can provide SEO training to businesses in person (Sunshine Coast) or via Skype (further afield). My training solutions are custom made to meet your needs and as we talk, we’ll actually work on your website.

    How long we need to spend and how regular depends on your needs, but one-off training is fine.

    Exactly What Will You Get From Me?

    We will plan activities and courses of action and you will implement my recommendations, so you’ll need a resource from within your business.

    We will tell you what to do, why we are doing it and how to do it. So there will be a strong element of SEO training and over time you (or your staff member) will be able to do more and more of the work unassisted.

    We will provide unlimited email support and heaps of phone support. I’m also happy to jump on Skype to discuss anything.

    You are paying for my knowledge, experience and guidance.

    Expectations For Results

    Successful SEO requires an ongoing effort and budget. If you could get to the top of Google in a month or for a few hundred dollars then anyone could do it and there would be no stability in the search results at all. Google rewards an ongoing, quality effort.

    We should see positive movement in a month or so, meaningful rankings improvements in 3 or so months and start to dominate the top of the local search results in 6-12 months.

    There is no doubt at all, that those of my clients who use me fully and keep the momentum up, see the best results.

    Can I Do The Work For You?

    Absolutely. We can do as much as you like or do it all, you’ll be hands free. Let us know if you want a quote.

    Advice About SEO

    We can advise you on what SEO activities you need to undertake to make your website more successful on Google over time. This advice could be provided one off, or ongoing, as:

    1. written strategy reports (short term or long term)
    2. continuous action points fed through on an ongoing basis by email
    3. regular meetings

    We can tailor a solution to suit. Supporting this work would be detailed tracking of goals and website activity and full reporting.

    Full Service SEO

    We can determine what needs to be done and then do it for you, from onsite work to link building, social media and conversions. All work is tracked and reported fully.


    Local SEO

    My local SEO Consultancy services are designed to help you build your success on Google.

    Top rankings depend on a number of factors related to your website authority:

    • Identification of search terms that your target market actually uses
    • Optimisation of those phrases into your website (onsite optimisation)
    • Growth of your website with quality, unique content
    • Identification and minimisation of any technical factors which may be holding your website back
    • The growth of social signals (shares on social media)
    • Natural sharing of your website content which builds links

    This will increase the flow of visitors to and through your website in the following process:

    Click For Larger Image:

    How Does SEO Help You Infographic

    Our SEO consultancy services are designed to optimise this process. An appropriate combination of SEO activities will be developed and implemented, driving up rankings and Organic traffic. This traffic will be tracked and monitored to ensure 1) positive activity signals are sent to Google and 2) the traffic converts, driving up sales and ROI.

    Why Use WebsiteStrategies' SEO Services?

    • Ethical SEO techniques. No dodgy techniques here which will get your website penalised or banned from Google search results. We understand what Google wants and can apply that to your website.
    • Successful SEO. I have a track record of hundreds of satisfied clients, over 17 + years.
    • Best SEO Service. we're friendly and knowledgeable. There are no dumb questions here, we're happy to help. You’re good at your business, We’re good at ours.

    D.I.Y. SEO Tip

    Google wants to see this:

    1. Your website pages updated and expanded regularly, so periodically go into each page and make some improvements – add some text, or a section or image.
    2. Content expanded – so add a new blog post each month or week. Or expand an existing blog post.
    3. Lots of social media – post to your social media several times a week and make sure one of those has a link back to your website. Use social media as a news outlet for you business. You update a page – put a post on social media, new blog post – feature it on social media, finish a job for a client – write a case study and feature it on social media.
    4. Build links. Search for your products or services on Google and look at each of the results and see if there is an opportunity to contribute and include a link back to your website.

    OR let us help you! Call us now on 0401 82 7976. SEO is your cheapest marketing.

    More About Ashley Bryan

    Ashley Bryan is an Internet Strategist and SEO Professional based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

    Making your website more successful (i.e. generating more visitors and business) is a complex process. A cornerstone of online success is the need to be successful in the Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) through the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s very competitive and requires knowledge, time and money, let’s not make any bones about that. With SEO many factors come into play: your website’s content, technical aspects, social media, visitor activity, competitor activity and more. And all of this activity has to be tracked, monitored and understood, and then plans made and actioned. And all of this in the world of constant changes and updates by Google. As we say it’s a complex process.

    How Can We Help?

    We understand the factors that contribute to effective SEO. More importantly, we understand how these factors work together to complement one another and drive up the success of your website, measurably, over time. We’ve learnt this over 17 years of doing SEO and website optimisation for hundreds of clients, big and small, in many industries.

    The Problem You Face With SEO, As A Business Owner

    The biggest problem that you and all our clients face when it comes to SEO is that you don’t know what to do or how to do it properly. Worse, if you don’t do it properly you can actually damage your website’s rankings on Google.


    In essence what I do with my SEO Consulting is:

    Understand what your budgets are for this work, what resources you have for it and then help you to undertake the work yourself, providing guidance and training along the way to you or your staff.

    Understand what is happening with your SEO and what needs to be done in the short term and longer term, and in relation to what your competitors are doing.

    Track all of the work so that we know what works and what doesn’t and use this knowledge to guide activities.

    Supporting and communicating with you effectively so that you see success and find value in the work we do together.

    We will be your web strategists.

    Ashley From WebsiteStrategies


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    Work: (07) 5478 2586
    Mobile: 0401 827 976

    What SEO Work Do We Do?

    Our work is designed to drive the success of your website, featuring ongoing analysis and interpretation of all aspects of your website performance, with proactive, knowledgeable, and actionable recommendations for improvement. We will:

    1. Monitor and track all of your website activity
    2. Monitor and track your competitor’s SEO activity, so that we can match and respond to it
    3. Ensure we understand the changing Google environment, so that we can respond to changes quickly
    4. Decide on courses of action, discuss them with you, and help you to implement them.

    We support all of this work, with:

    • Full tracking and analysis
    • Continual proactive communication and support via phone or email
    • A detailed, valuable and easy to understand report each month, as well as ongoing updates as required
    My Objective: to be a valuable asset to your business and to make SEO as easy for you as possible.
    Ashley Bryan

    Work will include the following, on an ongoing basis:


    • Correct any technical issues with your website. These come up from time to time and it’s important we address them. So, we’ll need access to your web developer. If you don’t have a good one, I can find you one.
    • Adjust the content of your website. This may mean changing content, writing new content, writing blog posts (you’ll need a blog) or creating other website assets. This is the foundation of SEO, we want you to become an online leader in your field.
    • Participate in Social Media. It’s starting to become important for SEO, and we’ll do it at a level that is appropriate for you and your business, and in line with what your competitors are doing.
    • Earn and build links into your website. This is still very important for SEO and I’ll tell you what to do to build valuable links safely.

    We also need to look constantly at the visitor activity from all sources into, and then within, your website. This is now important for SEO.

    We will monitor and analyse your conversions to ensure the work we do is driving more sales or leads. After all, that’s why we’re doing it.


    In Summary - Our SEO Services for Sunshine Coast Businesses

    A. We offer a performance-focused approach – our emphasis is on the quantity and quality of sales and leads generated by your website. All activities must contribute to this bottom line.

    B. Our emphasis is on your success – you generate a positive Return On Investment with Webstrategies

    C. We provide full measurement and reporting – full tracking of visitor activity from source through to action (e.g. sale or lead), and full reporting to you.

    Requirements for improved website performance in 2020

    The online landscape has always evolved at a great pace and even more so in recent years, especially with the rapid growth of social media and the constant evolution of Google.

    Competition for online exposure has increased and the requirements for website and online business success have become more complicated. The measurement, analysis and understanding of all these factors which combine to drive your website’s online performance is essential.

    Our services are focused around understanding and driving your website’s overall performance, and success on Google is a large part of this of course. A consultancy aspect forms the basis of our services and will guide activities that need to be undertaken to improve your website’s performance, measurable over time.

    Requirements for improved website performance in 2020 will include:

    • Advanced understanding of your website’s visitor activity from source to goal completion is important for all aspects of website performance and for SEO.
    • Quality content that stands out in your industry will rank the highest on Google and a focus on the holistic growth of website authority is required. The content will need to be unique, very high quality and where possible based on new data/research and professional opinions. The promotion of sharing, discussion and interaction of your content will be important.
    • Increased Social Media activity is now required for trust building, brand exposure and increasing contribution to SEO.
    • Increased emphasis on your position as an industry leader will require participation in blogging and social media.

    The key factors for success on Google specifically, are:

    • Keyword/phrase targeting
    • Technical aspects of website including load speed
    • Growth of website authority through content creation and sharing
    • Mobile friendliness of the website
    • Quality link profile and building
    • Social media participation
    • Increasing the success of your website.


    The WebsiteStrategies SEO Programme

    For any website, there are two general areas of opportunity for improving its success:

    • Increase the number of visitors to the website
    • Increase the conversion of website visitors into business

    We use the following general process when planning optimisation and marketing activities for client’s websites

    Step 1: Technical optimisation of your website – we undertake a full technical review of your website to ensure any barriers to Google’s indexing of your website are removed or minimised.

    Step 2: Basic Search Engine Optimisation – we optimise your website content as it currently stands and ensures that your websites keyphrases are featured correctly on each page. We compliment that with relevant business directory submissions.

    Step 3: Advanced keyword targeting for Google – we identify targeted phrases that your market actually uses to find your products and services on Google and optimise those into your website. We compliment this with premium link building and competitor analysis.

    Step 4: Website conversion enhancement – we undertake an advanced analysis of website visitor activity and consolidate that against the SEO work undertaken. We offer full recommendations complemented with copywriting and conversion analysis.

    Step 5: Website Marketing – we design for you a tailor-made website marketing programme that integrates one or more of email marketing, blog marketing, Pay Per Click, affiliate marketing and social media marketing designed to drive up visitors to your efficient website. Full analysis and reporting provided.

    Step 6: Ongoing maintenance – the success of any website optimisation and marketing activities requires an ongoing and sustained effort. We will develop with you an ongoing maintenance programme, designed to further improve and increase key measures over time.

    Ashley From WebsiteStrategies


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    Work: (07) 5478 2586
    Mobile: 0401 827 976

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