Full Service SEO

Monthly work is designed to grow the authority of your website over time, to improve the rankings for a wide variety of phrases and to grow enquiries from the website.

Ashley Bryan From WebsiteStrategies

Monthly Consultancy- the core service

I will be your website strategist.

I’ll monitor and track every aspect of your SEO and will advise you and assist you on an ongoing basis to maximise the success of your website.  Each month we’ll meet for 2-3 hours to review and plan.   You’ll get unlimited email and phone support.

Competitor Matching

I’ll be monitoring what your competitors are doing and this will present opportunities for us to match what they are doing in terms of link building, social media or other activities.

Weekly SEO Blog Post

500 words, quality image and small infographic Distributed to your social media and Google My Business

Monthly Content Development

Develop the content of your website each month as gaps are identified

Monthly Business Directories

Submit to 10 relevant and valuable business directories

New Technologies

Opportunities including the use of video, voice search, schema, question-based searches will arise and we’ll address these as we go.

Link Building

Guest post on other peoples blogs with links back – one per month Comment on other people’s articles, 5 – 10 per month