SEO Consultancy

We offer a full SEO Consultancy Service designed to grow your website authority, obtain top rankings on Google and drive quality organic visitors to your website.

Grow your businesses success on Google

  • We measure and analyse your website’s performance on search engines (notably Google)
  • We determine what activities need to be undertaken to make your website more successful in terms of higher rankings, improved Organic traffic, resulting in more enquiries and/or sales.
  • We work with you to get these activities done, using a combination of your efforts and our efforts at a level that suits your business needs and resources.
  • We measure again to see what is working and tune constantly.

No contracts here.  You’ll use us if I’m valuable, why force it?

Trustworthy & Ethical SEO Consultancy Services

We all say it. You need to be able to trust your SEO provider, especially now that Google is sophisticated enough to identify and penalise low quality optimisation work.

  • All work is approved by you and fully reported.
  • You will have a hands-on role in the performance improvement of your website
  • There will be no trickery with Google!

Here are my clients: call them and talk about me behind my back.

Need More Info About SEO & What We Do?

SEO is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Or is it?  It’s harder, for sure. Google is now placing a lot more emphasis on the authority of websites as influenced by:

  • Content quality and update freshness are essential
  • Link profiles – who’s linking to you and who’s linking to them. It has to be natural
  • Visitor activity on your website – good retention times/low bounce rates are required.
  • Technical aspects of websites such as page load speed and website uptime have to be looked at
  • Social signals – sharing and mentions in social media DO have some influence

Consequently SEO as it was (based around link building) is being replaced by more of a “website optimisation” approach where we must consider and a number of aspects of your website activity.

We advise and consult on all areas of your websites optimisation for search, including:

  • Keyword research – identify the valuable search terms that your target market uses to find your products or services
  • Competitor analysis – what is working for them and how are you placed in comparison
  • Full onsite optimisation – keywords that are supported are optimised into your website and lots of other onsite factors have to be addressed
  • Regular quality content updates – generally a blog, articles or news facility on your website is required for this
  • Quality, natural, link building – where can you contribute your valuable insights?
  • Social media usage – your own channels and making sure people can share your content
  • Local optimisation – get found in the Maps
  • Video/mobile optimisation – increasingly becoming important
  • Full analysis and tracking of organic traffic activity from search through to goal, with your sales funnel as the basis

    The Effort – What We Need To Do Together

    We constantly read the latest literature about the best techniques to build Google success, and continually monitor worldwide industry leaders such as in order to stay ahead of the game. Here is what we need to do to build effective and long-lasting Google rankings, with the resulting generation of quality visitors, leads and ultimately sales:

    • Grow your website’s authority by regularly adding quality content that can be shared
    • Build trust by paying attention to social media
    • Identifying and minimising technical issues with your website which may hinder performance
    • Analyse competitors and build on their success
    • Measure, analyse and understand all aspects of your websites performance and work to optimise your sales funnels

    More Detailed Information

    Mobile Friendliness

    This is growing in importance. We need to actively monitor the performance of our website on mobile and smart devices. Google Analytics will tell us what the differences in visitor activity are between our visitors whom arrive from a mobile device versus a desktop.

    Google Updates

    Over the past 4 years Google has rolled out many updates to its algorithm designed to make their search results as useful and accurate as possible. This includes increased focus on the factors we mention above: onsite and offsite factors, social media signals, content freshness, duplicate content and quality of content. We are alerted to changes in the Google algorithm and we’ll respond quickly to ensure your website activity is optimised in accordance with them.

    Google Search Results

    We need to ensure that we are maximizing our presence in the Google Plus Local search results (the old Google Places) and that we are utilizing video if possible. If using Adwords we need to track that traffic and consolidate it against our performance in the Organic (free) results.

    Targeted Search Terms

    Success on Google is still focused around search terms – the search engine is based around it, and we need to ensure our onsite optimisation still reflects this: important search terms still need to be featured appropriately in the pages. But of course we still need to ensure that this onsite optimisation is complementary to our focus on providing quality content that keeps bounce rates down. So there are limits as to how many search terms we can put into any one page: if we want more then we need to create more content to support those, and once again, the blog can be the ideal medium for this. Search terms that we target must be relevant and have a measurable search volume i.e. people must actually use them in real searches. Google provides a tool to tell us this so we really can target our activities around good value, visitor generating phrases.

    Track Competitors

    Understand competitors to build on their success. Competitor analysis in regard to Google search results is important: now more than ever. There are tools which allow us to measure: 1. Our competitors rankings on Google 2. All of our competitors links so that we can identify areas of opportunity to build links to our own website Our competitor’s social media usage (number of likes, mentions, tweets etc). We can use this data to tune our own social media efforts If our competitors are above us in the Google search results we need to know why, develop a competitor profile and determine what we need to do about matching and surpassing them.

    Activity Tracking


    Activity Tracking To Improve Visitor Metrics. Good rankings on Google are only part of the story and we should track the traffic (visitors) that are generated from the search results to the website, and through to goal completion. This can all be set up in Google analytics and we can really drill down and see what is working and what is not and use that information as part of our ongoing strategy. Conversion rates for specific search terms and the bounce rates for specific keyphrases can be measured. Bounce rates for individual pages needs to be optimal. Google of course measures traffic clicking from the search results to any website. Google can also see that traffic returning. Too much returning of traffic from a page means a high bounce rate and as Google ideally doesn’t want people returning to the results, this can potentially affect our rankings.