Website Strategists

We will support and assist you to maximise your internet presence and grow the success of your website. This service is tailored to suit your exact needs and budget.

How Will We Help Your Business To Be More Successful Online?

We provide a Consultancy service – we advise you on what activities need to be undertaken in order for your business to be successful online and then help you to get that done either by training you on what to do, or doing it for you.   This could be in the form of formal structured services or ad hoc assistance as required.

More formally: we undertake ongoing analyses and interpretation of your website performance across all channels, with proactive, knowledgeable and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Why Can We Help You?

  • We have 19 years experience in the online business environment
  • We will understand your needs and provide a level of support that matches that
  • We’ll explain why activities need to be undertaken in a manner that you understand.  In other words you’ll get training as we go if you need it.
  • No contracts here. You’ll keep using us if it’s valuable – why force it?

More Formally, My Consultancy Services Include:

Assessment & Review


  • Current status of your website performance determined, in all areas.
  • Special consideration of SEO status.
  • Analysis of competitor’s performance.
  • Identification of performance parameters specific to your website/requirements.
  • Tracking and analysis set up or tuned as required.


Strategy & Actionables


  • Development and recommendation of strategies to improve your website’s performance on a continual basis.
  • Ongoing short term actionables and longer term strategies provided.
  • SEO: Ongoing monitoring of all aspects of your SEO and website performance with monthly analysis and reporting. Alert you as new requirements from Google are rolled out. Be proactive in this area to ensure longevity and stability of rankings.
  • Social media performance analysis. How are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus helping your business? Help you to develop strategies around these.
  • Consolidate all data with your business activities, expectations and plans.
  • Conversion analysis (i.e. measuring how well your website generates sales or enquiries).
  • Tracking and analysis of all visitor activity.

Consultancy & Support


  • Continual proactive communication and unlimited support via phone or email.
  • Weekly catchup by phone or Skype. This will ideally be scheduled for the same time each week.
  • Issue a detailed and easy to understand website performance report each month, as well as weekly updates as required.

This work may identify the need for use of third party tracking tools such as heat maps, click maps, user recording etc. The costs for these will be included.


Each Month We Will Work Together To:


  • Understand the current status of your website performance in all areas, not just SEO
  • Particularly consider SEO
  • Track your competitor’s SEO and success
  • Develop plans and strategies to improve your website’s performance on a continual basis
  • Implement SEO activities together to ensure you grow your own knowledge
  • Measure how well your website generate sales or enquiries
  • Track and analyse your visitor activity.