Adding Posts to Your Google My Business Knowledge Panel [VIDEO]

Ashley Bryan

Published On Aug 23,2022

Hey, good day folks. Ashley here from WebStrategies. So, I just want to talk today about Google My Business posts, which appear at the bottom of your knowledge panel. If you do a search for your brand on Google or some other phrases, it will bring up the knowledge panel.

So do a search for your brand and it shows your knowledge panel on the right here:

and part of that if you scroll down, are these posts, and they are like social media posts:

They’re a bit like Facebook. So you can add these posts and they appear right here, and that’s good for your brand because this is all about your brand and strong brands rank well on Google. So it’s a good thing to be doing this.

These posts last for seven days and then you must do a new post. They last seven days. You can put multiple in and people can scroll through them.

I’ll show you how to do one. You go to your Google My Business account, which is under , and on the left here you’ll see posts and that gives this page here:

Now your standard post is just this one here called “Add Updates”. So you add that there and it pops up a page much like this, and you basically just fill in the form:

So this is your standard post. So we’re going to add a photo or an image. I’ll just do one to practise here, I prepared one in advance.

I want to talk about this new article I just wrote here. I’ll just copy that text for now. Just put this in the latest post under “Write Your post”. Okay, so you put an intro, you give it an introduction or write your post. In this case, I want to link to this page I’ve created, so just copy that URL and paste it in.  Now there’s a number of options here. Depending on what your post is about, you can send people straight to a booking page or this post is about something you want them to book for. You can link straight to that booking form on your website or you can get people to click on a button here that goes to an order page to buy something. In this case I want them to learn more and I’ll put a link to the page, my page and I’ll publish that and it shows here. Now within a few minutes that post will appear here.

While that is updating, we will just run through these other topics. So this is your standard update. Google recently added the facility you to add posts that are specific to COVID-19 – anything you want to announce about your response to COVID-19; closures, change of hours, anything like that, your policy, what have you… You can add that in here. Very much the same sort of thing as add your post, there’s no facility for an image with this one. Or you can add a button and send people to more information on your website. So, you might have a full COVID-19 statement on your website, do a little introduction there, add a button, learn more, and send them off to that page. You can also add posts that relate to an offer or  event you might have, you add a video, give the offer a title, a start and end dates, add some times and post them. Give all the details, add a coupon code, send them off to a link to redeem this offer and link to your terms and conditions pages.

You can add a what’s new top posts or they all work pretty much the same. So write your posts, add a link, put the address with the link in there. And you can also add events. So same thing, add an image for your event. Your event’s title, times, dates, details etc. So that’s a great idea to do these on a regular basis.

Now onto my Google, my business knowledge panel. Someone does a search for my business name or some relevant phrases that triggers this to appear, my posts appear here and people can click on that and you can see the image and click on there, learn more, go to the page I link to. So this is a good idea. It makes you look active, or it helps you look active as well. Obviously, if people are looking at researching your brand or your business, they’re looking around here and they see this and it’s all up to date, then that helps reinforce the brand, helps you rank on Google as well. So I recommend you keep those posts going up every seven days. Do at least one or as many as you like.