Quick Overview Of How Links Increase Your Website’s Authority

Ashley Bryan

Published On May 10,2021

How do you use link building to grow your website’s brand authority? Find out in the video below or read the transcript:

Video Transcript

Good day there, Ashley from WebsiteStrategies and AshleyBryan.com.au. Let’s have a quick chat about link building, page authority, building your brand and how that all sort of works in very simple terms. Okay. I’ve done a crude diagram here. So, let’s have a look. Here’s our website. You’ve got your home page. You’ve got some of your important pages hanging off it, your products or your services page. Key pages are important in your website. This page here may be particularly important to you, it’s your primary product or your services. It’s the one that you want to be ranking higher on Google. It’s your money page, it’s your main money page. You’ve also got a blog on your website and you’re posting blog posts up onto there quite regularly.

So, how do we use all this to grow our authority and how do we get these links that we know we need to improve our rankings? Okay. For start, we can do some internal linking. Okay? Google likes links. If we link to something from our own website or within our own website from one page to another, we obviously, want people to follow that link, but we are also telling Google that if we are linking to a certain page, then we think it’s important. We want to send people to that page. Therefore, we think it’s important. Therefore, Google goes, okay, that’s an important page.

So, if we have a blog post talking about something relevant to this important page or this post here, then it makes sense that we would link from this post here to our important page. Any person reading that post, one of our website visitors, they go, “Yeah, that’s great.” They read all about it. They click the link in there and they’d be taken to this important page and Google, when it crawls through our website and finds this post, Google will also see the link and see that the link points to this page and effectively what we are saying to Google is that this is a vote from ourselves within our website to this page and this page is important because we’re linking to it.

Now, if we have a number of posts linking to these important pages and we’ve got other pages that link to this page, then Google sees this pattern of links within our website pointing to an important page. And it, as in Google, then sees that page as being important and we’re more likely to rank for it. Now, we can help all this as well because if we create this post here and it’s an important post, we’re linking to our important page and we go off to our Facebook page and we link to that post, then, once again, it’s a vote for the post. So, we can see that we start to see some authority flowing around here.

Facebook itself, this post we added on has a little bit of authority, a little bit of that authority sort of flows down into this post and builds up that authority there. That authority as it’s building up also goes down this link to this page here, and this page then builds up authority. It becomes more important with Google. Obviously, social media is such that if you have a really good post on Facebook here then another Facebook page from someone else might link to yours and follow it or re-post it. And that means that we’ve got some authority flowing through here. We get this chain of authority working like that. And then someone on Twitter may also think that’s a great post and they link to that or maybe it’s our own Twitter page and someone else in someone else’s Twitter page, they link to that Twitter page.

So, we get this flowing of links going through there, a flowing of authority, and if we’re talking about our business in the social media channels and on these posts, it’s our brand being built as well. So, this is all using what we have, our own properties, our own social media channels, and our own blog to start to make pages on our website that we think are important, make Google see them as important as well through internal links and using social signals.

Now, what we also want to add into the mix in terms of links to our website are links from other websites. So, these are called back links from other websites. Now, the higher the importance or authority of the other websites that link to us, then the more powerful that link is and that makes our page more powerful and it’s more likely to rank. So, we want to acquire links from other websites that are relevant and local, ideally in the same country and get links on those websites through to our page. And that grows the authority of that app.

And potentially, this website will have the same thing happening as we do. They’ll have social … If this website here is actually a blog post on their website, then they may have social media links to their posts or they may have other websites linking to their website and to their posts and that links through to ours. And so, you see you get this network of links coming through of authority and importance or page rank, whatever you want to call. It starts to flow around. Google sees it and this all flows to our target page and pushes it up.

Now, if we do that to all of our important pages on our website then soon we’ve got lots of pages that are very important and lots of blog posts that are important and then Google starts to give our whole website importance. Lots of important content means that ultimately our website becomes important, it gets higher domain authority and the whole website starts to rank. Now, if you keep going with that and you’re building that authority up in a natural and powerful manner, then ultimately, your website can get such authority that you can add content to your website and it ranks for phrases that aren’t even on your website because Google understands what your website’s all about.

So, this is what your strategy is in terms of link building, in terms of building your authority and building up your brand strength on Google. And use your Google My Business and put the posts on there, use your social media to link to your website, mention your name, hashtags with your name in it, linking back to your website, interlinking between pages, between your blog, back to your pages, your money pages, and getting links from other websites through to that. And over a period of time, this will push up your authority and you’ll start to rank better. That is where it is at.

Let me know if you need help with anything at all or if you have any questions or if you want me to do a quick explanatory video to help you understand any aspect of SEO you like. Thanks very much. Bye.