To have a website HOME button or not?

Ashley Bryan

Published On Aug 24,2022

I see a lot more websites nowadays without a Home button, so thought I’d do some research on what the latest advice is, regarding website Home buttons:

  • Studies show that a home button not always necessary ( if your logo links to your home page. Most people understand this, especially young people, so it is important to understand your target market demographics: baby boomers may still want to see that home button in order to avoid frustration. You have to make the navigation intuitive for your target market and remember breadcrumbs can help, and may provide a good alternative to a home button. You can also put a home button in the footer of the website – not common, but may help.
  • Why do people need a home button? Well, perhaps they came in through the home page, get lost and feel the need to go back to your home page to reorient themselves and start or reset their journey again. We don’t really want this: a well-structured website should have intuitive navigation, taking the visitor through to the goal. So check out your stats and see how many people return to the Home page from other internal content. Perhaps a review of your conversion pathways is in order. Of course some people land on internal pages from search engines and so want to see your home page so some flow from internal pages to home page is expected.
  • Having no Home button leaves more room on your nav bar for other options – a factor for quite a few websites.

What are your thoughts on website home buttons?

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